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Keyword Stuffing voorbeeld

26 juli 2007

Via Matt Cutts kwam ik een leuk voorbeeld van Keyword Stuffing tegen.

Voor degene die niet weten wat keyword stuffing is, dit zegt Wikipedia erover:

Keyword stuffing is considered to be an unethical search engine optimization (SEO) technique. Keyword stuffing is used to obtain maximum search engine ranking and visibility for particular phrases. A word that is repeated too often may raise a red flag to search engines. In particular, Google has been known to delist sites employing this technique, and their indexing algorithm specifically lowers the ranking of sites that do this. Hiding text out of view of the visitor is done in many different ways. Text colored to blend with the background. “Noscript” tags are another way to place hidden content within a page. While they are a valid optimization method for displaying an alternative representation of scripted content, they may be abused, since search engines may index content that is invisible to most visitors.

Als je op deze site kijkt, dan zie je ergens onderin honderden keywords 🙂

Zie ook de Google Banned checker, deze geeft ook aan dat Google niet zo blij was met de keyword stuffing actie, en heeft hem gebanned.

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